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About RW Minis

Our miniature scaled Musical Minis, Cool Add-Ons, Military Minis, and Accessories are replicas just like the originals. Half the fun of these models is putting them together. You will be surprised at the level of detail and functioning features.

The idea of these replica models originated from our passion on owning the real thing. We wanted a way to allow you to show off your hobby at home, work, your garage, tool box pretty much anywhere. We have added great detail to each model to ensure its accuracy, quality, and moving parts that you can be proud of to display.

RW Minis are for everyone! Collectors all over the world are now showing off their RW minis collectibles. Now there is an affordable way to get your hands on your all-time favorites. We are working everyday on new and exciting models. So start collecting today.

Most of all the parts on RW Minis are metal or wood. You can add accessories to your minis just like the real ones in our accessory section. Buildup, break down and then display proudly to friends and family.

RW Minis are for everyone!​