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Warranty Policy



RW Minis 30 Day Warranty covers the product for 30 days of the original purchaser, except in the case of intentional abuse, neglect, alterations, and modifications, unless specified in our instructions or authorized by RW Minis.

  • 30 Day Warranty covers all manufacturers’ defects. These Warranties will cover any failure or defect in the product, which is the direct responsibility of the manufacturer.

  • This 30 Day Warranty does not apply to normal wear to the finish of our metal and plastic components, nor does it apply to scuffs, scratches, gouges, etc. from handling.

  • RW Minis does not assume responsibility for improper installation of our products. This includes broken or stripped fasteners in cases where the fastener has been over torque or the wrong tool was used.

  • RW Minis is not responsible for missing or damaged items purchased second-hand. (this includes websites like eBay, etc.)